Signalyzer H series UART COM port mode

Any Signalyzer channel can be configured and used as standard full featured UART running at logic level. The default channel configuration Signalyzer Tool is shipped with is the MSSP mode of FT2232 and you would need to change the mode prior using the UART.

To configure Signalyzer Tool channel to UART mode please follow these steps.

Open Device Manager. With right click of mouse select Properties of Signalyzer Tool, then select Advanced tab.

Put a checkmark next to Load VCP and press OK.

After this step disconnect Signalyzer Tool from PC and reinsert it back. After enumeration PC will detect USB Serial Port (Signalyzer) and assign COM port number. Please note, if you configuring Signalyzer Tool to UART mode for the first time you may be requested to specify the drivers, in this case point to the directory with the extracted driver files.

To return Signalyzer Tool channel back to any non-UART modes follow the same steps, but in this case deselect Load VCP option.