Signalyzer H series Drivers Installation Guide for Windows

This application note will describe how to install drivers for Signalyzer Tool on Windows platform. The example screenshots were taken using Windows XP Operating System.

As a first step, please download the latest drivers from

Connect Signalyzer Tool too USB port of your PC. Windows will detect new hardware and start Found New Hardware Wizard.

Select 'No, not this time' and press 'Next'.

Select Install from a list of specific location (Advanced), as shown below and press Next.

Select Search for the best driver in these locations, put a checkmark next to Include this location in the search and navigate to location where drivers were extracted. Once the path to the drivers has been specified, press Next button again.

Following screen will be displayed indicating that Windows started the installation process.

This set of drivers has not been WHQL certified and as result following warning will be presented. Press Continue Anyway to continue the installation.

Setup process will copy necessary files.

Once New Hardware Wizard completes the installation press Finish

Signalyzer consists of two or four independent channels and requires driver installation for each channel individually.. The example above shows installation procedure for Signalyzer Channel A, for Signalyzer Channel B driver installation please follow steps described above once prompted.

After completing driver installation for all Signalyzer channels your Signalyzer Tool is ready for use.